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"Oh yes, I’m sure she’d absolutely love you. You’d have to be insane to…Oh, I forgot that I was talking to a girl who mates with kangaroos and drives a tank for fun.”

He put his palm to his mask. “Just trust me, alright. don’t meet her.”

"Mate, I’ve fucked a few…

"Well…Alright. it has been a while.” Val’Os was trying to be more open minded. T.G. wasn’t a bad gal. She was insane…But not bad.

"So, where to?" 

She smirked deviously. Jet Girl had recently installed a new feature on the tank. And she was waiting for the perfect moment to try it out. “Come on board and see.” She grinned as she bound for her tank.

Val knew that grin. That was her “Wait till you see this shit” grin, which always followed something crazy and, most likely, life threatening.

  However, despite his better judgement, he agreed and got in the tank. He was met with urine to his face…er, his mask. “Really, Camp? Again? Is this, like, high comedy to you?!?” 

Camp Koala blinked twice with a sly grin. Giving the middle finger to val hr rolled towards the back of the tank.

Tank Girl cackled. Her blue eyes blazing,”Better than the shit sticks he generally tosses!” She smirked eyeing Camp.

"You’ve brought better cunt munchers on board!" He spoke looking at Val with a wide grin.

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Tanks and History II Closed for TG/tankxgirl


Rochester spring, finally something that happened this year.

It was nice, warm, and her cat was finally calm and cool about being in the apartment building, and actually didn’t want to try and sneak…

"Alright thunder cunt…I’ll bite how much you want for it?" She leaned into the table. An array of knives and daggers lay before her as she held one special knuckle knife. Similar in model to the one she had in the Australian tank army corp she recognised it instantly. The thing was how the hell did it get up here?

The shop keeper, former marksman, now retired wank bottom smiled. His front teeth missing. His hands clasped together as his greying eyes looked Tank Girl up and down. Sparse hairs on top, he smacked his lips together mulling over a price and what it would be like to have her beneath him.

"Oi! Shitting arse! How much? !" Her voice roared.

"I—ii—" he stammered, "Ol’ Dick can let you have it for twenty. "




This is potentially life saving information everyone should know.

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Denis Medri draws Star Wars as an 80’s high school movie

Grouo Cosplay ideas :D

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Was this where she was supposed to be? This had to be the inn. Moon full. Riding high in the summer star lit night her feet quietly pounded the stairs as she opened the door. Her mind swimming from whisky shots and guiness chasers. Not the winning combination but through the swirling after…

She thought she heard something. Within the confines of her drunken state she was ready to cave to the depths of darkness. Mind cosmicly swirling as she reached out wrapping an arm around the naked form,”Shut it martin! I don’t care if you can’t fantasising about Cumbersnatch in his lil hat. Go the fruck to sleep!”

In one wave, tidal blankets riding high as her thighs touched his, entwining within his limbs and flesh. Sighing roughly into her slumber.

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That is too much power for one human being

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